Bet365 Review

Bet365 is the seventh largest private company in the United Kingdom, and they’ve been building up a stellar online reputation for years. They currently service more than 14 million customers across 200 nations, and that number grows with each passing year. If you’ve ever considered adding them to your existing collection of sportsbook accounts, I hope this review can prove helpful.

Selection of Sports

I get more than a little irritated when I come across so-called “leading sports betting sites” that only offer a minimal number of choices (by the way, provides a solid selection of sites). Luckily, this is not the case with Bet365, as they have perhaps the best selection of sports I’ve ever come across.

Their site lists 40 specific sports, as well as leaving the door open for regional events and special competitions such as the Olympics. All the traditional sports betting favorites such as American football, soccer, basketball, and baseball are included, but the site really makes its mark by offering athletic competitions like surfing and squash that you won’t find at most locations. They even have a section for virtual games, allowing you to wager on digital versions of tennis, cycling, soccer, motorsports, greyhounds, and horse racing.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Bet365 accepts 28 different forms of currency, from the Euro to the Thai baht. Withdrawals and deposits can be made in a number of ways, from credit cards and e-wallets to personal checks and bank transfers. Deposits made by e-wallet and credit card happen in an instant, while personal checks take anywhere from five to 28 business days.

Once you request a deposit, expect it to arrive faster than most sportsbooks. Bank transfers and credit card withdrawals take an average of one business day, while Skrill customers can expect funds within a couple of hours.

Betting Options

Whether you want to place a wager online, over the phone, or with a mobile device, Bet365 has you covered. No matter which option you choose, you’ll also be able to view the odds in fractional, decimal, or American style.

Their in-play betting feature allows customer to make wagers while games are in progress, and this service is compatible with all supported mobile devices. Another great option is multi betting (parlays) on the same event, which is something that’s not offered by most books.

Cash Outs

Most sites force you to place a wager and then wait until the conclusion of the game. That’s not the case at Bet365, as customers can cash out a wager prior to the end of a match. They can also choose to remove part of their wager and leave the rest to run. This exciting option is available for select events, and it can be used for both pre-match and in-play wagers.

Bonus Offers

The site offers bonus promotions throughout the year to encourage repeat customers. Some apply to a single sport, while others are available across the site.

One common example is their 100% matching bonus on any initial deposit up to $100. Other offers allow you to earn up to 50% more on your tennis or European basketball accumulators, as well as a 50% parlay bonus on American and Canadian football.

Supported Languages

In keeping with their reputation as a true international sportsbook, Bet365 supports 18 different languages. This makes it easy for bettors to participate in the action, no matter which continent they live on. Whether you speak English, Spanish, Russian, or Danish, you’ll be able to transform the site into a readable entity with a single click of your mouse.

Customer Service

Bettors with questions or concerns can speak to a customer service representative in one of the 18 supported languages. The methods of contact are numerous, including the following: phone, live chat, email, snail mail, fax, and call back service. When you do interact with them, expect your problems to be handled in a courteous and professional manner.


I don’t want to gush too much, but I absolutely love Bet365. Their massive selection of sports is astounding, and I also enjoy the chance to try my luck at poker, bingo, casino gaming, and financials. The in-play betting option lets players take part in one of the hottest trends in the sportsbetting world, and live streaming allows them to watch games without worrying about reception or coverage.

Payout times are fast, customer service is efficient, and mobile betting is readily available. The only real drawback is that Bet365 doesn’t accept customers from the United States, France, or a number of other countries. In fairness, however, the banned nations are the ones to blame, which means Bet365 is about as close to perfect as a sportsbetting operation can get.